How to test your house for asbestos?

Asbestos Testing

f you have problems with the material used in the construction of your home or office, you can perform an asbestos test. It is impossible to tell if the material contains asbestos, just to look at it. You must use a specially designed test to get an accurate reading. Tests are carried out by laboratories in the United States. The first step is to contact the laboratory that carries out the test for you and find out what type of sample they need.

When you extract a sample, you must follow certain recommendations. You have no other people in the room or area where you collect the sample. Always wear protective gloves to avoid touching the material. You can put some plastic on the floor below the area from which you cut the pattern to collect any bits that might fall. Spraying the material with a mild mist of water will help reduce the number of particles in the air. It is also useful to remove all objects that can remove particles such as a stove or an air conditioner.

EPA recommends testing the sample with polarized light microscopy or PLM. There are three types of asbestos, which are often found in buildings, chrysotile, Amos and crocidolite. Chrysotile is the most common and accounts for about 95 percent of asbestos found. If the building you are testing is positive for large volumes, you need to see what types of asbestos removal work is available to you.